About Me

My name is Stu.   I am a Systems Architect at BeyondTrust Software, we develop and support a family of privilege identity and vulnerability management products for UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.   It is a world-wide company, but I work out of their Southern California office.   Prior to this position I worked at a variety of companies in the Southern and Central New Jersey area developing software on the Unix and Linux platforms primarily for educational and financial companies.

While still living in New Jersey, I was a member of the South Jersey Linux User’s Group, but I have not been able to find a similar group in my new location.   Not that they don’t have Linux User’s Groups here, but I liked the vibe of the group I was in and I haven’t been able to find that here yet.

In addition, I am a long time member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the IEEE Computer Society.   Both which are an extremely good resources for someone in my field.

I have experience programming on and administrating Linux, Unix, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and BSD.   I am skilled in C, C++ (with Boost), SQL (Transact‑SQL, MySQL, and PL/pgSQL), UNIX Shells (C Shell, Korn Shell, Bourne Shell, and Bash), Python, and Perl.   And am well versed in version control systems (Git, Subversion, and Bazaar), databases (PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and MySQL/MariaDB), deployment and configuration management (Ansible, SaltStack, Chef, Puppet, and Rex), and several virtualization environments (VirtualBox, KVM, Acropolis/AHV, VMware, HP VSE, Oracle VMS, Solaris LDom and Zones, IBM PowerVM, Google Cloud, and AWS).