I n f o r m a t i v e


T e c h n i c a l  &  T r a i n i n g

    CBT Nuggets
    Linux Academy

L i n u x  &  O p e n  S o u r c e

    Linux Documentation Project
    Gentoo ( My personal favorite Linux! )
    Ubuntu ( My current main distro )
    Red Hat
    A handy set of CentOS/RedHat Guides


    UNIX Rosetta Stone ( There are a couple of these out there )
    AIX for System Administrators

U N I X  V i r t u a l i z a t i o n

    Useful VIOS Commands
    Useful VIOS Commands 2
    Backing up VIOS
    A HMC Commandline HowTo

S p e e d i n g  T h i n g s  U p

    Speed Guide ( their broadband forums rock! )
    Annoyances ( for the Windows folks )

G e a r  F o r  G e e k s


A n i m e & M a n g a

    Anime News Network ( Great site for anime info! )
    MangaDex ( Online Manga Reader )
    Right Stuf International ( My favorite anime & manga retailer )